Developing strong, confident swimmers in a safe and comfortable environment by caring and compassionate staff.
Developing strong, confident swimmers in a safe and comfortable environment by caring and compassionate staff.

About Us

Pacific Swim School was born by a desire to help children learn to swim after seeing a real need in the community for an approach to swim teaching that offered something different. This passion led to creating a learn to swim environment that provides a safe and nurturing environment, with warm water, small class sizes, and caring and compassionate staff who give individualised attention to the needs of your child.

At Pacific Swim School, we love seeing our happy, excited students develop a love for water and progress in their journey of learning to swim. Our vision is to provide quality instruction in a safe, non-stressful and fun environment which fosters in your child a love of water and provides them with the skills they need to become confident swimmers. We constantly strive to support and develop the abilities of each child by delivering a superior teaching program, based on the achievement of key milestones and exceeding industry standards.

Knowing how to swim is a skill that is indispensable and an integral part of life. Teaching and encouraging your children to become confident and strong swimmers at an early age is not only a life-saving skill but one that aids them in all areas of life as they grow in confidence and develop in maturity.

Our Philosophy

At Pacific Swim School we want your children to love water as much as we do! We strive to deliver high quality lessons while always making them a fun learning experience.

Integrity, Love & Care

We treat your children with integrity, love and care and we continue to support and encourage them as they progress through the swimming program. We treat every member of our swimming community with empathy and understanding, whether it is our students, parents, or teachers. We have a community-minded approach to our school and enjoy creating one large family united by a common interest of learning to swim.


We are passionate about what we do and we strive to pass on this love of swimming to your children by making their lessons a fun and enjoyable experience so that they look forward to coming to their lessons each week. The relationship between your child and their teacher is crucial for progression, and being passionate about teaching is a key factor in nurturing this relationship and maximising progress at every stage of your child’s learning.


We take a flexible approach to teaching and if necessary, we’re able to adapt the training to suit your child’s needs and find solutions to any barriers to learning, whilst remaining within the program and continuing to meet the milestones that are required for each level. By identifying any issues at an early stage we are able put in place strategies to overcome these hurdles.

High standards

We consistently maintain high standards of teaching and are committed to delivering a superior lesson program. Our environment is conducive to learning with warm water and a UV system which reduces the amount of chlorine required, resulting in a water quality which is gentler on your child’s skin.

Recognition of Achievement

We believe that children learn quicker when they are recognised for their efforts and achievements. As a way of encouraging children to continue learning and progressing, we reward our students with certificates of recognition and achievement.