Developing strong, confident swimmers in a safe and comfortable environment by caring and compassionate staff.
Developing strong, confident swimmers in a safe and comfortable environment by caring and compassionate staff.

Our Programs

Water Babies

In our Water Babies program we focus on familiarising babies with water, develop their natural instincts to hold their breath when submerged and teach them fundamental swimming skills such as blowing bubbles, floating, kicking, paddling, and safety falls.

Following instructions from one of our baby swim teachers, the parent encourages and teaches their baby to become familiar with water and helps them learn essential swimming skills. Our Water Babies program is a fabulous opportunity for you to bond with your baby.


3 Months to 9 Months

Our Seahorse class is the start of your baby’s learn to swim journey. From 3 months of age babies are familiarised with having water on their face, taught to be confident in the water, learn to hold their breath on cue and once ready, submerged under water for a few seconds. These classes are with a parent or caregiver in the water with a maximum of 6 students in the class.


10 months to 2 Years (Max 2.5 Years)

Squid is a class for babies who have been promoted from Seahorse and are quite comfortable in the water, as well as for babies who are new to swimming lessons. With help from you, your baby will develop and practice mobility and motor skills such as kicking their legs underwater and paddling. Your baby will also begin to develop better buoyancy skills as they learn to float on their back with support. Their breath control improves and they will learn to hold their breath for 5 seconds. Classes are with a parent or caregiver in the water with a maximum of 6 students in the class.


1 Year to 2 Years

Clownfish is for 1-2 year olds who are our more advanced babies and toddlers. Clownfish babies are more confident and mobile in the water. This class develops the fundamental skills of swimming and safety such as strong breath control skills, strong mobility skills and feeling confident to submerge comfortably. Our Clownfish class helps to build their skills and confidence so that they are ready to move up to Sea Dragon, an independent swimmer level which doesn’t require your help in the water. Clownfish has a maximum of 6 students and has a parent or caregiver in the water.


2 Years – 3 Years

Our Angelfish level is for children who are not yet confident to be in a class without a parent. Our Angelfish develop confidence and increase their independence in the water. Your little one will be encouraged to float on their back, paddle their arms and kick their legs until they feel confident enough to move up to the next level where they will be in the water without a parent. Graduation from this class is determined by your child’s willingness to separate from you and move into our Rising Stars program, the independent swimmers program. This class has a maximum of 6 students per class and has a parent in the water.

Rising Stars

The Rising Stars program is our independent swimmers program which is a transition stage between our Water Babies program and the Super Strokes program. The Rising Stars program is for children who no longer require you to be in the water. This program helps your child gain in confidence and learn fundamental swimming techniques. Once our Rising Stars are competent in these fundamental techniques they will be ready to progress into Super Strokes, our stroke development level where they will learn all four strokes.

Sea Dragon

2 Years -3 Years (advanced)

Our Sea dragon class is for your toddler who is an independent swimmer and is at an advanced swimming level for their age group or has graduated from our Angelfish class. Your toddler in this level no longer needs you in the water. Sea dragons swim unassisted through kicking and paddling in order to propel through the water. This class has a maximum of 3 students per class with no parent/caregiver in the water.


Skills based level

Penguins are independent swimmers who may have not had lessons before but feel comfortable to be in the water without the support of a parent. Penguins learn basic techniques and we work on building their water confidence and safety skills, breath control and moving through the water with their eyes down. Penguins will graduate from this level by being able to kick, paddle and move towards their teacher while submerged. After reaching the milestones of Penguin level, children will move up into Otter. Penguin classes are in a small group of 4 and don’t require a parent in the water.


3 Years +

The Otter level is the last level in our Rising Stars program where your child will start to learn basic swimming skills like using big arm movements in readiness to commence freestyle. Our Otters will learn to swim short distances and by the time they’re ready to graduate they will have a strong kick and arm movements. Class size is limited to 4 students per class and there is no parent required in the water.

Super Strokes

The Super Strokes program focuses on developing children’s stroke techniques where children learn correct stroke techniques to help them move through the water with ease and confidence. Safety techniques continue to be taught so that children gain more appreciation and understanding of being safe when around and in the water. Children can begin the Super Strokes program as young as 3 years of age who have never swum before, up to the age of 11 or 12.


Snapper is the first level in our stroke development classes. Your child will learn develop their freestyle technique with bilateral breathing and will start to learn backstroke. Their water safety education continues. Snappers will learn to swim with basic freestyle arms and will be able to do a backstroke kick. They will also learn to swim easily through the water to a teacher. After learning bilateral breathing and can swim backstroke unassisted, Snappers will move up into the Dolphin level. By the time of graduation from the Snapper level, your child will be a confident swimmer. There is a class size limit to 4 students per class.


Our Dolphin level is a stroke development class which builds on the stroke techniques learnt in the Otter level as well as beginning to learn the breaststroke kick. Our Dolphins will also work on building stamina to swim longer distances in freestyle and will perfect their backstroke technique. When ready to graduate from this class, children will be able to confidently swim an entire length of the pool (15 metres) in freestyle and backstroke. They will be able to swim freestyle with bilateral breathing and be very confident and independent swimmers. There is a maximum of 5 students to the class. Dolphins graduate to our Shark level in the Swim Stars program.

Swim Stars


Shark is the final level of our Swim program. In our Shark level, children develop all four strokes and build endurance by competently and confidently swimming over 15 metres. Children will be able to perform all four strokes competently. There is a maximum of 5 students per class. Sharks are confident swimmers. Sharks are very confident, strong, independent swimmers who can perform all strokes with ease.


Private and semi-private lessons are also available. These programs are for any independent swimming student who is looking for individualised lessons. Private and semi-private lessons focus on increasing your child’s skill.

  • Lessons can be private one-on-one instruction or a semi-private lesson with two participants.
  • These programs are suitable for children who are lacking in confidence in the water or who are wanting extra attention for a faster rate of improvement.
  • They can be useful for older children who have had little exposure to swimming lessons and need to improve on basic competencies for their age before joining a group class with kids of a similar age group.